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Our Fine Art Insurance

Understanding Fine Art Insurance

The world of fine art, with its timeless masterpieces, is not just a reflection of history but also an asset that deserves utmost care and protection. From classical paintings that echo centuries of culture to modern sculptures that redefine aesthetics, art is an integral part of our cultural heritage. Fine Art Insurance is, therefore, not just about covering the monetary value of these pieces but ensuring that generations to come can continue to be inspired by them. This bespoke insurance provides coverage for artworks throughout all stages – from their acquisition and transit to exhibitions and long-term storage. It caters not just to individual collectors but also galleries, museums, and traveling exhibitions, ensuring that every piece of art is protected against unforeseen circumstances. And it's not just about physical damage or theft; the coverage extends to issues like authenticity disputes and restoration processes, ensuring comprehensive protection for every conceivable scenario

The Importance of Tailormade Protection

No two art collections are identical. The diverse nature of art, combined with the varying needs of collectors and institutions, means insurance solutions must be as unique as the artworks they safeguard. Factors like the age of the artwork, its provenance, the materials used, or even its historical significance can greatly influence its insurance needs. As such, having a tailored insurance policy is not a luxury, but a necessity. The potential risks – from accidental damages during transit to theft at an exhibition – could have severe financial and cultural implications.

Why Choose Wannet?

In the intricate realm of art, you need more than just an insurer; you need a trusted partner who understands the sentimental and monetary worth of your collection. Wannet is that partner. Here's why:

  • Expertise: Partnering with esteemed insurers on Lloyd's of London, we offer specialized art insurance products. Our 25-year legacy stands testament to our unparalleled understanding and commitment in this domain.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every piece of art tells a different story, and so do our insurance policies. We work closely with you to craft coverage that's as unique as your collection.
  • The Best Protection: From acquisition and transit to exhibitions and potential disputes, our insurance policies ensure all-rounded protection, so your art remains safeguarded always.

Art isn't just an asset; it's a legacy, a story, a testament to human creativity. With Wannet, you don't just ensure your art; you preserve its story for generations to come. Together, let's cherish the world's masterpieces.

Our proven method

Art Evaluation

We take the time to thoroughly understand each piece of art in your collection. This includes both its intrinsic and sentimental value. Every detail is examined to ensure the art is protected in the right way.

Customized Insurance

No two art collections are the same. That's why we create a tailor-made insurance policy, designed specifically to meet the needs and nuances of your unique artworks.

Quick cover and setup

Once your art insurance policy is set, we ensure quick activation. With Wannet by your side, you can trust that your precious artworks are always safe, so you can enjoy your collection with complete confidence.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does Fine Art Insurance cover?

Our tailormade Fine Art Insurance provides protection against potential damage, loss, or theft of artworks. This includes paintings, sculptures, photos, and other valuable art pieces.

Is my collection covered during transport?

Yes, artworks are protected during transit, whether they're being moved for an exhibition, sale, or relocation. This ensures peace of mind when your art is on the move.

How much does Fine Art Insurance cost and how is the insured value determined?

Fine Art Insurance isn't a simple calculation. Each artwork and collection is unique, and our experts carefully assess every piece in your collection. The premium is influenced by various factors. The artwork type, whether paintings, sculptures, or antiques, matters. The size of your collection can also affect the cost. If your collection is stored in a secure location, this can favorably impact the premium. Artwork's history and previous ownership play a role, as does how often the pieces are moved or displayed. The age and condition of artworks, especially older or delicate items, are also considered. With our tailored approach, we ensure that your coverage reflects the true value of your collection. Click here to get a free quotation.

Why choose Wannet Specialty Insurance?

At Wannet, we specialize in managing extraordinary risks. Choosing Wannet means partnering with seasoned experts who understand the intrinsic and monetary value of art. Our commitment is not just to provide insurance, but to offer comprehensive care and understanding for your invaluable collection.

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