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Protect your club's future with our Club Protection Plan: custom insurance for the transfer- and contract values of your players.

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Comprehensive coverage for your club's assets. Our Club Protection Plan meticulously insures both Contractual and Transfer Values, tailored for every unique requirement.
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The Club Protection Plan

Why You Need A Club Protection Plan

In the ever-changing world of professional football, maintaining your club's financial and sporting prowess is crucial. Our Club Protection Plan offers not just a financial safety net, but a strategy for continuous success. By securing an insurance solution for continuous salary disbursements in cases of injuries or permanent disabilities, your club has the financial freedom to promptly lease a comparable player, thereby mitigating both financial and sporting setbacks. It's not just about protection; it's about ensuring sustained success amidst adversity.

The Importance of Tailormade Protection

In a field where uniqueness is a virtue, a one-size-fits-all approach just won't cut it. At Wannet, we specialize in crafting protection plans meticulously designed to cater to your club's specific needs. From deep risk analyses to crafting flexible payment plans, we provide a shield that not only guards but enhances your club's financial strategies. Relish the confidence that comes with tailor-made protection that aligns seamlessly with your club's unique financial structure and ambitions.

In addition to our Club Protection Plan, we also offer the following insurance solutions tailored for the multifaceted needs of your club:

  • Director's Liability: Protection for club officials against potential legal claims resulting from their decisions.
  • Stadium Insurance: Safeguarding your home ground against potential damages and unexpected incidents.
  • Event Cancellation Insurance: Minimizing the financial implications of unforeseen event disruptions which lead to possible cancellation of games.
  • Cyber Insurance: Defending your club's digital assets and sensitive data from threats and breaches such as ransomware or other digital threats.
  • Key Person Insurance: Providing coverage against the financial setbacks that might occur from losing a crucial team member or executive.
  • Contractual Bonus Insurance: Assuring bonuses are disbursed, even amidst unpredictable challenges.

Each of these solutions is designed with precision, ensuring that every aspect of your club is shielded against uncertainties.

Why Choose Wannet?

Selecting Wannet goes beyond choosing an insurance provider; it's appointing a seasoned ally in your journey to sporting excellence. Our legacy of empowering over 50 premier clubs with policies that align seamlessly with their financial objectives stands as a testimony to our expertise. Our dedicated team, renowned for its swift claim management and unrivalled service, is poised to be your steadfast partner in carving a resilient future for your club. With Wannet, you're not just insured; you're prepared for a prosperous future.

Our proven method

Our proven three-step method ensures each club gets the comprehensive, personalized coverage they require. From analyzing your unique risks to finalizing your policy, we aim to protect your club's future, so you can focus on the performance of your club, knowing your future is safeguarded.
Risk Analysis

During this first step, we delve deep into understanding the unique characteristics of your club. We assess potential risks associated with player contracts and transfers, enabling us to craft insurance solutions that are in perfect alignment with your club's financial and sporting objectives.

Tailored Insurance Policy

Building on the insights from the risk analysis, our team works hand-in-hand with your club to develop customized insurance plans. These plans are designed to provide a robust safety net, safeguarding your club's assets and financial stability against unforeseen events and circumstances.

Quick cover and setup

Once the tailored insurance plans are formulated, we move quickly to put them into action. This step ensures that your club is protected without delay, granting you the peace of mind to focus on achieving sporting excellence, knowing that the financial aspects are well-handled and secure.

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"During my career with renowned clubs like Feyenoord and Manchester City, Wannet Sports Insurance was a pillar of financial security and risk management for me. Now, as the Technical Manager at Go Ahead Eagles, I find their tailored solutions more invaluable than ever. They have been a trusted partner throughout my entire career, understanding and catering to the unique needs of the football community with utmost precision."

Paul Bosvelt

Technical Manager, Go Ahead Eagles

"What sets Wannet Sports Insurance apart from other insurance providers is their deep understanding of our unique needs as a football club. For over 20 years they have been able to provide us with tailored policies that address all of our specific risks, from player injuries to insurance for the transfer values of our players."

Wilco van Schaik

General Manager, NEC Nijmegen

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does the Club Protection Plan cover in the event of player injuries?

The Club Protection Plan offers layered coverage: it insures player salaries in the case of temporary or prolonged injuries, and provides coverage for the transfer value if the player becomes permanently injured and unable to play. This means that your club is financially protected against both short-term and long-term challenges, securing not just financial stability but also allowing for the immediate acquisition or loan of a comparable player to mitigate any sporting setbacks.

How is the transfer value determined in the case of permanent injuries?

The transfer value is custom-tailored, based on a thorough risk assessment and the insured amount per player. This offers perfect coverage aligned with the value your club attributes to each player, safeguarding against financial risks and securing a stable future.

How much does a customized insurance policy cost?

The cost of your tailor-made insurance policy will depend on the specific coverage options you choose, as well as your individual risk profile. Click here to get a free quotation.

Why choose Wannet Sports Insurance?

We are the market leader in sports insurance throughout the Benelux region, providing coverage to all clubs in the Eredivisie and various major clubs in both the Bundesliga and the Belgian Pro League. Over 2.000 players and over 50 premier clubs trust us with their disability insurance needs. Our clients value our transparent approach and our dedication to their success, marking us as a trusted partner in safeguarding the future of your club.

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