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Our Athlete Insurance

Why You Need our Athlete Insurance

As a professional athlete, your skill, dedication, and hard work pave the path to your future. But professional sports carry inherent risks - injuries, unexpected events, or circumstances that could threaten to sideline your career. That's where the right insurance comes into play. With tailored coverage, you can keep the game in play, protect your income, and secure your future off the pitch, even when faced with unexpected adversities.

The Importance of Customization

Your athletic journey is unique, and so should your insurance be. At Wannet, we place paramount importance on the unique challenges and risks associated with your profession, especially the possibility of disabilities that could profoundly affect your career and your income. It's for this reason that our special disability insurance stands at the forefront of our offerings. Tailored to protect you against unforeseen events that could jeopardize your career, this crucial coverage ensures that you can focus on what truly matters—reaching your professional peak, secure in the knowledge that your income and financial future are safeguarded.

While the protection of your income through disability insurance is our primary concern, we recognize the importance of comprehensive security in every aspect of your life. Therefore, alongside our specialized disability coverage, Wannet also offers a holistic suite of insurance services. This comprehensive approach means that, in addition to securing your financial future against disability, we can cover all your insurance needs, creating a seamless, all-in-one solution. Besides our tailored disability insurance, we provide health insurance, fine art insurance, watches & valuables insurance, high-end car insurance, private jet insurance, house & property insurance, and kidnap & ransom insurance.

With Wannet, you have a single, trusted contact point, streamlining your insurance needs while you focus on your craft and passion.

Why Choose Wannet?

At Wannet, you're not alone. Over 2,000 athletes, including exceptional darts players, tennis players, golfers, cyclists, and footballers, have already chosen us. We're your long-term partner, equipped with the expertise and the team to guide you through every insurance query. Available around the clock, with a solid reputation in settled claims. With Wannet's Athlete Insurance, you focus on the game while we safeguard your future and provide insurance that truly fits your needs.

Our proven method

Maximize your potential on the field with Wannet's dedicated insurance for athletes. Our proven three-step method ensures each professional gets the comprehensive, personalized coverage they require. From analyzing your unique sporting risks to finalizing your policy, we aim to protect your career, so you can focus on performance and enjoy the game, knowing your future is safeguarded.
Needs Assessment

We will carefully evaluate your career, potential risks, and objectives as a professional athlete. This assessment enables us to understand your unique requirements and recommend the most suitable coverage options.

Customized insurance

With insights from the assessment, we'll collaborate with you to design a personalized insurance policy. This policy will cover aspects such as injuries, unexpected events, income loss, and/or other essential protection measures.

Quick cover and setup

Go through the tailored policy with our specialists and make any desired changes. Once you're content with the plan, enroll in the coverage and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future is well-protected.

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"Joseph, Bjorn, and their dedicated team consistently deliver bespoke insurance solutions, ensuring our players' contracts are comprehensively protected. Whenever claims arise, both we and our players consistently find our interactions with Wannet Sports Insurance to be exceptional."

Jan van Baal

Player Agent, JB Sports2Business

"I am glad I insured myself. Wannet Sports Insurance handled my claim because of a career ending injury impresive, ensuring my financial security. Their great service and quick payout eliminated money worries, allowing me to focus on my recovery and retirement of professional football. Highly recommended for every professional."

Mark Looms

Ex-Player, Heracles Almelo

Frequently asked questions

What types of coverage are available for professional athletes?

Our tailor-made insurance policies cover a range of aspects, including injuries and illness, unexpected events, loss of income, and other essential protection measures, providing comprehensive security for your career.

How do you determine the right coverage for my specific needs?

Our team understands that every athlete is unique. We consider your income, the length of your contract, your financial lifestyle, the specific rules of the country you play in, your injury history, and potential future earnings based on your career trajectory. With these insights, we offer you an insurance policy that's truly tailored to your individual situation as a professional athlete.

How much does a customized insurance policy cost?

The cost of your tailor-made insurance policy will depend on the specific coverage options you choose, as well as your individual risk profile. Click here to get a free quotation.

Why choose Wannet Sports Insurance?

We are the market leader in sports insurance throughout the Benelux region, providing coverage to all clubs in the Dutch first and second League and various major clubs in both the Bundesliga and the Belgian Pro League. Beside this over 2.000 players trust us with their disability insurance needs. By choosing to insure with us, you can be confident in your financial security, even when faced with potential risks and injuries.

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