Professional Athletes

You know the pressure of achieving. Especially at the moment when the whole world is watching you. That special moment, the result of many years training. You don’t want to worry about medical health insurance or sports disabiltiy insurance. Thanks to years of experience Wannet Sports Insurance has produced made to measure insurance covers for many sports athletes. Our office is one of the few who have access to Lloyd’s of London; in Holland, Belgium and Germany this is extremely unique and means that the most complex sportsrisks can be covered. For every sport athlete we have developed a special Sports disability insurance.


Most of the sport athletes have their Temporary and/or Permanent Disability insurance arranged by Wannet Sports Insurance. In addition to these sports covers we also look after their needs concerning other insurance, pension and mortgage requirements. At this moment you are not thinking ‘What am I going to do after my sport career?’. However, it is important to know you can fall back on our professional guidance to set up financial planning which will benefit you when your sports career finishes. We have a lot of knowledge and experience with financial planning and insurances for the professional athletes. When we give our advice we take into account such things as your current retirement fund which has been set up for professional football players and professional cyclists.