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Professional teams

Actually your association, club or organisation is a company. The professional athletes are the asset worth of the company. If one of them becomes sick, or has an accident or injury, this could lead to a temporary or permanent disablement which you can insure against via Wannet Special Insurance. You can look to cover these athletes for high sums, depending on their asset worth and transfer value to the club or organisation. In the event of a claim, this payment could be used to finance the purchase of a new player to replace the asset lost.


Wannet Sports Insurance has years of experience with regard to insuring professional athletes for the benefit of teams and organisations. We look after various of the Dutch and German Professional Sports Organisations for these types of products. Following our access to Lloyd’s of london our office can guarantee you excellent insurance products.


Some examples:
– With the Transfer Value Insurance, you insure the transfer or investment value of your players.
– With the Contract Value Insurance you have a perfect product to insure the total value of the players contract, up to a maximum of six years total benefit length.
– A special disability insurance for trainers and/or managers.
– A special insurance called Prize Indemnity, where you can insure against payment of bonuses to your players in relation to on-field success. For example winning a championship or promotion.
– Unique professional liability insurance for the management team, board of directors, committee members.

Also a Sport-Disability Insurance is possible which you can offer collective to your sportsmen or women.