Entertainment insurance

The special Entertainment Disability insurance is created for professional artists like singers, DJ’s, models, actors and actrices who want to protect themselves against the financial consequenses in case of disablement. For example, a professional pianist who picks up a serious finger-injury and is out for a long time or even worser becomes permanent disabled, then this will have an enourmous financial loss. Or a singer who gets a serious problem with his voice.


In case of a disablement following an accident or sickness the insurance cover is made especially for the occupation which you are doing, Which insurance cover is the best for you, depends from your professional activities and the contract you have and also how long you expect to continue your current occupation.


If you can’t continue your occupation, the insurer will declare you fully disabled for your occupation. The insurer will not look to other career possibilities, your insurance cover is worldwide and 24 hours per day, this means there is also cover when you become disabled following a car accident or a serious illness like cancer. If necessary you can also include a full life cover.